Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Happy 6-month Birthday to Bright II!!

First let me wish Bright and her littermates a very happy 6 month birthday today!

And second a huge apology for not updating in almost a month. Yikes!!

Bright has still been growing like a weed. She's passed the height of all my COC dogs in the house and I'm sure she still has a lot of growing to do. By far the biggest pup that I have ever trained!

She is doing wonderfully well. Very little seems to distract or bother her which is great! She has been with me at the book store, Dr.'s office, random stores, and even a restaurant! We were out at CCI this past weekend for graduation and went to our favorite restaurant, J&R Steakhouse. She was great! She stayed under the table and, unlike all my other pups, she stayed under the table and didn't bother me. Success!!

Tomorrow Bright goes in for her surgery. It works out well because I have to work tomorrow so I will be going into the back and visiting her constantly throughout the night. Plus, since I'm employee and most of the techs on my shift know me, she will get a lot of attention and kisses! I know she will do fine. Her surgery is set for early tomorrow morning as one of Dr. Heins's first surgeries for the day. I'm sure that by the time I get into work at 4 he will have an update for me and let me know how she is doing. Maybe I can bring her home that night??? We'll see. I'll let everyone know how she does!