Wednesday, March 3, 2010

NURI Update: Forever Home

I'm happy to finally inform everyone out there in the blogosphere that Nuri has found her forever h0me at last! My PPM has been in and out of the office over the past few weeks and so has not been able to give me any news about her. I've been going crazy with not having any news and worrying about Nuri being in the kennels for such a long time since her release. I was told that there was someone coming to see her the week after graduation (February 15-19), but I had not heard anything for the last two weeks. I was worried sick!

I left my PPM a voicemail and emails and I finally heard from her today! YAY! Nuri has been placed with a graduate family in Maine. She will be living with a Service Dog who apparently matches her personality perfectly. I can only imagine! And she will be living in a rural area on a big piece of land where she can run as much as she wants. It's perfect! It would be better if she was closer to me so that I can visit her, but I'm glad that she's happy.

My information was given to her new family and I hope that they are able to get in touch with me and let me know how she is.