Saturday, January 30, 2010


Bright is moping because it didn't start snowing here until after it had gotten dark. So we couldn't go out to play since I had company coming over. So she decided to sulk.

Right now she is sitting by the front door looking out the window and wanting to be outside.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Nuri - Change of Career

(Nuri's first night home)

So I received the dreaded phone call all puppy raisers wish they never get. The phone call to let me know that Nuri is ready to come home, she didn't like college.

Her official reason for release is that she was too excited and it was hard to harness all that energy to get her to train. I think her non existant food drive was a big factor too. She was definitely a difficult one to train! She is such a free spirit and I thought the need for control was always something she battled against. She reminds me of a hippie almost, in the way she would rather rebel against the norm and be her free and crazy self.

She will be staying up at CCI until I can locate a home for her. There were many people that wanted to adopt her while she was in training. So I have placed a few phone calls and text messages to those people since they have seen her grow up. Even people I would not have expected want to adopt her. She's such a sweet girl and loves everyone.(She always loved her blankets)

So am I disappointed she didn't make it? Yes. Am I mad that she didn't make it? No. There are many pups that I think should have made the cut, Shane and Wilara are two of them, but there are some things that come out in AT that I have never seen with them. Could have been a bad day or just some trait that wasn't brought out in my home, but it was at CCI. Each pup reacts differently to the training they receive once they turn-in. It's a different experience than it is in a PR home and that takes some getting used to.

To be honest, I'm more proud of the fact that Nuri made it as far as she did. Since she was so difficult, I know that Lisa gave it her best shot. Katrina, my PPM, made sure to tell me how much Lisa enjoyed working with her and that she made her laugh everyday. That's a great comfort to know and I know my Golden girl had a fun time making everyone laugh. I'll talk more with Lisa hopefully at TT lunch next week and talk about her experience with Nuri.

Even though she has chosen a different path from the one that I was training her for, I'm proud of her. She is going to live the life that she wants for herself. As a PR that's all I can ask for. Her time with me has been the best time ever. Most of the dogs are so well behaved that I am lulled into a sense of ease (cough cough Bright cough cough), but Nuri made sure that I paid attention to her with her antics and she always put a smile on my face.
Lots of love to my Golden child!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Trip to Borders

Well Bright and I went on a small trip out to Borders this morning. She was great! We worked on walking on the loose leash and not being distracted. We were working on Stay and Here too. I put her in a Sit next to this giraffe they have in the kids section and walked away. She stayed sitting there! Progress!!
Then I was playing around in the kids section with the little girl I watch. Bright was in a Down Stay next to me and she wasn't happy about it! She kept whining and crying because she wanted to get up and move. But I kept being mean and keeping her there. Poor girl!

She seemed to have a good time and it was great to work on her distractions. She likes to watch people and then go over to them and ask for some attention. Guess we know what we have to work on!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

First "Official" Outing

So Bright went on her first "official" outing today with her big girl cape on! I had to run some errands, and since they were going to be quick in and out places it wouldn't be a problem for her. So off we went! She likes being in the car, but she has to see everything I am doing and wants to be a part of it.
Our first stop was Barnes & Noble. She is used to book stores since she did the fundraising at Borders over the holiday season. She was fine, but very distracted by everything around her. Everytime someone came near her, she had to look at them and wouldn't turn to look at me when I called her. Not the best, but we have time to work on that. Whenever I put her in a Down she wasn't happy, but she did stay there. YAY! Small accomplishment!Then we went over to Ulta Beauty to see if I could find my body soap there. No such luck, but it was fun to try her at weaving in and around the displays.

We then went to PetsMart so that I could see what size she would wear for Muttlukks. She seems to be very irritated by the salt used to melt snow/ice so I figured that maybe I would get some shoes for her paws so that she can wear those out. It seems that many graduates want to get their dogs used to them, so I might as well start her on getting used to them now! You never know when it might come in handy. Unfortunately they didn't have a decent pair of Medium sized ones (the mesh bags were all ripped and I was very wary about buying them in that condition) so I just put them on to see if they would fit. It was hilarious watching her get annoyed by that one on her paw! There was an older couple in the same aisle and they were laughing watching her as well. I felt bad so I took it off.

Then we wandered next door to the liquor store and did a quick browse through there.

It was a good outing for her. She was distracted by people, but she never really pulled a lot on her leash. For the most part she was on a loose leash and walked perfectly next to me. YAY! With the other dogs at PetsMart she wanted to go over and play, but I kept her on a firm leash and kept telling her No. She still did great for a 5 month old puppy!

I sure hope the rest of our outings are as easy as this one was! Way to go Bright!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

5 Things for 5 Months!

I think I might try this. Many other bloggers do this when their pups get another month older. So I'll try to remember to do this for every month.

Bright turns 5 months old today and she is doing great so here goes!!!

1. She grows like a weed.
Every time I look at her she seems to grow another few inches. She's all legs and looks like a funny puppy with her height. She is the same height as Wilara who is, in her own right, a small lab. It amazes me how big she has gotten and I know she'll continue to grow.

2. She's not afraid of anything. Most of my pups seem to have a fear issue about something while I have them. More than anything, it shows up when they are pups. Bright hasn't shown any hesitation with the things I have thrown her way. She takes everything in stride and is always curious about things.

3. She's a bit too smart for her own good. She has learned how to knock down barriers that we have placed throughout the house. They say that if a dog has a big enough "drive" they can get through anything. She has learned to jump over a gate and knock down anything in her way.

4. She sticks to me like glue. Not the best thing ever, but wherever I am, she has to be. That's why she jumps over everything and knocks things over. It's to get to me. I think she might have to go and spend some time away from me and see how her separation anxiety is. Maybe it's just a trait of hers to stick closely to someone. I hope this helps her in her training as the months go along.

And finally....

5. She's the easiest puppy ever. She never has a problem doing anything and she learns quick. Although she is a bit too distracted by food, we are working on that. I never have a problem with her and it's a great break for me to not have a puppy that needs constant attention and monitoring.

She is really the best puppy ever and I love her to pieces. So today we get to throw aside the "puppy cape" and bring out the "big-girl" cape! If the weather wasn't so awful (it's raining! again!) we would have made a trip out to the outlet mall to start getting in some public work. Guess it will have to wait another day!

Happy 5 month Birthday to my Bright star!!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Almost time to "move on up"!

Well Bright is quickly approaching 5 months old. Yikes! Has the time really gone by that fast? It's amazing how quick these pups grow up and how quickly the time flies by!

Bright is still amazingly independent and enjoys learning new things every day. Including, and not limited to, jumping over the gate into the hallway from the kitchen. She just sits there, then makes up her mind, and springs into action! It's quite funny and I'll have to get it on video. She's like a little kangaroo! But at least I know that she won't get into too much trouble when she is on the loose. Mostly she will wander around upstairs and then come back down and jump over the gate again to be where we all are.

Her latest fun thing to do is to rip apart garbage bags. I never catch her at it which is frustrating. She seems to hide everything by looking so innocent, then I walk a little ways further and there is a path of destruction. Not good! So we are keeping a closer watch on her (not like we don't already!).

But she is still learning a lot and quickly. She will graduate to her "next" step in her training and be allowed to wear her "big girl" cape very soon! In less than a week she will be 5 months old and be able to wander out in public. Watch out world! Here comes a Bright star!
Her cape was brought to us by Jen when she came to collect all the samples from her study when she was finished with it. She was delivering everything that had to go out to raisers in the next two months. So we got her cape early, but I was being good and not putting it on her and taking her places. It was tempting though! I put her cape on when I took pictures before Christmas of her. It was so big! But she looks so cute in it!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

"First Turn-In" Poems

Every now and then I come across some great poems and stories that graduates and PRs write. The other day on the Yahoo! Groups that pertain to CCI a graduate posted a few poems that she wrote. I love them! Here we go!

Dearest Puppy raiser,
You say we soon will part.
Just be sure to remember
you'll always be in my heart.
So now we must have courage -
both of us you see
'Cause I must learn a new job
And Oh! I want to succeed!
So cry, my Puppyraiser,
but please don't be sad
for you have taught me all about love
for that you should be glad.
Of course, I learned some other things,
like all young puppies do,but
nothing like the love you gave
a task I most must do.
I will ne'er forget you
for you are my first love,
but I have another calling
my destiny from Above
I need help another person
be all that they can be,
despite a damaged body
and sometimes broken heart
So, wish me well with my new task,
I know I can succeed.
"Cause I want to be devoted
to a new friend so in need.
You know about God's angels
With the wings and fancy lace?
Well, I am really one of them,
Just with a puppy face.
Lyn & Vannote 2/99

And then this one as well....

Oh, dear God in heaven,
Are you listening to my prayers?
I'm going to get a puppy,
Oh, dear God in heaven,
Are you listening to my prayers?
I'm going to get a puppy,
Are you listening to my prayers?
I'm going to get a puppy,
The day is almost here!

Please bless me with the courage
for this momentous task,
And is some love and humor
way too much to ask?

My mind may have to struggle
With lessons and with tests,
But if I have Your Presence
I know I'll have success.

I have another worry, too
Can I really love this pup?
He already has nother love
who "had to give him up".

Is any puppy just "OK"
Or will we be so rare,
To hear the rhythm of our hearts
beating as a pair?

This puppy will be special,
More than just a pet.
He's born to be my helper,
that I never will forget.

About his puppy raiser, God,
Please help me in the 'morrow.
understand their sacrifice.
Can parting be sweet sorrow?

Give me grace and gratitude
For all the love they've shared
I really am so thankful
and I know how much they care.

Thank you, God, please guide us
safely through our fears.
For all those slurpy puppy kisses
Have become my weepy tears.

Lyn Geiser

Again, this is why I do this. This is why we all do this. Some people say that it takes a certain person to be able to raise a puppy. I agree. You need to be strong and loving at the same time and many people can't do that.

I love my puppies and I will continue to be a PR for as long as I can.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year!!

Bright and I want to wish everyone a happy and healthy New Year! We both promise to work hard together this year and get Bright ready for her next phase of training (I know, getting a little ahead of myself, but I have to prep sometime!).

We are ready for whatever the new year wants to throw our way!
Well.....Bright feels more comfortable sleeping the new year away.....