Friday, June 26, 2009

Janet Evanovich Book Signing = SUCCESS!

Sorry that it has taken me so long to post about the book signing but things around here have been pretty hectic! But anyways, here goes!

On Tuesday morning I went on a "puppy run" to pick up Nickel II from two of the staff members of NER as they were heading down to Philly for a demo. Little Nickel is so cute! Nickel II

So I did that and afterwards, we did a few things at home and then set out for Cherry Hill for the book signing. Mom and I got there about 90 minutes after other Chapter members arrived. The place was PACKED! There were no parking spots open and we had to park quite a bit away. Not a big deal, so we walked through the crowds to get to the Barnes & Noble. I had called the others and found out what to do, so we went over to where they were handing out bracelets and received ours. We were numbers 1234 and 1235! We were also given a paper that told us to return at 9:15 to get in line to get our books signed. I guess we had gotten there around 6:15 and the signing was supposed to start around 6:00. Ok, so we were a bit late, but I didn't expect nearly that many people there before us!

In talking with people that were waiting, the ones that have the lower numbers got their bracelets at 9 AM! The others in our chapter were in the 700s and they had gotten there around 4:30 and were told to come back around 7:15 to get their books signed. Well that was just crazy! So they had gone over to the Cheesecake Factory and decided to have dinner. Mom and I joined them and figured that we might be able to squeeze in with the others for at least the picture which was the whole point of going in the first place!

So a little after 7 we all walked back over to the B&N and waited to hear their group numbers called. Around 7:30 a staff member came out with a megaphone and announced that they were now taking numbers 151-200! We couldn't believe it! I don't know what it was that was making them move so slowly, but we figured that we would not get called anytime soon and we had all driven over an hour to get there. But we decided to wait anyways and see how quickly the line was moving. It was also great for awareness and we were able to talk to a lot of people and hand out brochures. We also decided to get some pictures outside to show that we were there and why we were there. It was fun!

waiting outside the Barnes & Noble

Zach and Nickel

Two of the Chapter members decided to go and see how things were going inside the store and off they went with Zach and Danby. Later they told us that they had met up with Janet's daughter and took some pictures with her! Exciting! For those that didn't know, Janet Evanovich's daughter used to raise puppies for CCI. I'm not sure how many puppies she raised, but it's still kind of neat. meeting Janet's daughter
picture time! Puppies, Danby and Zach

Finally, after 8:00 we decided to just forget the signing and just try to get pictures nearby where she was sitting. (I believe at this point they were only around the 300 area for the signing) We went in with the 4 puppies and squished ourselves into a small little area right by the fenced off are where Janet was sitting. It took forever to get any good shots because it seemed that people would walk in front of her when we took the picture! It was a bit frustrating. trying to get a good picture wasn't easy!

When we thought we got the pictures as well as we could, the guy that was running the signing started waving towards us and saying "Puppies are next, puppies are next!!" I couldn't believe it! So we got to cut the line and take some pictures! We chatted a bit with Janet and I know she would have loved to talk some more but we all felt bad about holding up the line and wanted to get out quickly. She was so sweet! It was crazy though while we were taking the pictures because EVERYONE there was taking our pictures too. It felt like we were on a red carpet with the paparazzi all over the place. It was crazy! But again, so much fun!

L to R: Nickel, Nuri, Danby, and Zach

After that we decided to leave since we didn't think our numbers would ever be called and we had such a long drive ahead of us to get home. But it was a success nonetheless and a great time!

I hope you enjoyed the pictures!

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