Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Wilara Update - AT report

Well let's just say that it wasn't the most positive report to receive. Wila seems to be getting a bit worse when it comes to getting excited and acting approprietly when working. Here is what her comments section of her report reads:

This month in training, Wilara has been picking up more difficult items next to the wheelchair and has begun delivering them using step and visit. Wilara is doing well with tug and has begun to tug open lighter doors. She has learned to retreive her leash. In anticipation of feeding, running, or training, Wilara becomes overstimulated and loses emotional control including barking, whining and displacemet behaviors. I have been giving her some extra time out of the kennel as well as working on her settling in her kennel before she is rewarded with play or coming out to train. We continue to work on impulse control and maintaining down stays in the face of distraction as well as appropriate boundaries and energy level during "snuggle" time. Next, we will add lap as a delivery for retrieved items as well as continuing with tug on heavier doors.

She also has a few more behaviors checked off on the list of things shown. I hope that she can work through this and get over whatever it is that has her acting so badly. She is such a sweet little girl! I'm keeping my fingers crossed for her and sending her good wishes and telling her to behave!!!

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