Sunday, July 19, 2009

Swim Lessons!

So Nuri had her first swim lesson today! I have been trying to get a chance to get her into the pool and haven't had one until today. She was pretty indifferent to the whole idea of the pool but seemed to like it a bit anyways. Way more than Wilara liked it, but not nearly as much as Shane and Tiffany and Glenda like the pool. Those three you couldn't get out of the pool while Wila went in once and that was enough for her!

So here it is in pictures!first trick up my sleeve was to use treats as a motivator...

that didn't work so I resorted to Plan B and grabbed her front legs to put them on the first step which is about 2 inches deep.

back to using treats to get her in further down the steps.

yeah, then she ran away from me...

Plan C! Pick up and carry into the pool...

Let's learn the Doggy Paddle..

And she's off and swimming! Heading towards my sister's COC dog Glenda IV to ambush her...

Shake all over everyone!

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  1. Looks like fun! I'm sorry to hear Wilara was released but happy to see you get to have her home :-D