Thursday, July 16, 2009

Wilara Update

Well the TT photo for NER's August graduation was sent out in the monthly e-newsletter from CCI! It was very small and hard to make out which dog is which. I'm waiting on my postcard with the picture and the posting of the picture on the website. I believe that Wilara is the middle yellow lab in the back row. From what I could tell when I blew up the picture (which was not so clear) was that that dog looked the most like her. I was looking at their faces and that's the one that I thought looked the closest. Will soon find out when I get my postcard!

And I have no idea which one is Wexler, the black dogs are always so hard to distinguish as to who is who!


  1. How exciting!!! Congrats Wilara and Wexler (and you too Lauren)! =D

  2. CONGRATULATIONS!!! Almost there Wilara!
    The photo is on the NE site too. You were right about Wilara! Wexler is in the bottom row, the black dog on the left.