Saturday, July 17, 2010

Janet Evanovich Book Signing

Last month we had the pleasure of meeting Janet Evanovich for the second time! We went to another book signing of hers last year as well down in Cherry Hill. Here's a picture from that signing. it was amazing!
This year things were a bit different. We planned ahead and one of the PRs was able to get us wrist bracelets in the top 100 people. Excellent! We arrived around 5pm (the signing started at 6) and had fun catching up with each other. We started off with 4 dogs: Bright, Jensen, Nickel, and Mina. We headed upstairs in the Barnes & Noble to their "Event Room" and waited outside for our numbers to be called.

As many of you PRs know, these dogs get a LOT of attention! We had so many people wanting to take the dogs pictures and were commenting how well behaved the pups were being. Great publicity!

As we were waiting for the signing to start, a woman comes up to us so excited to see the pups. It was Janet Evanovich! She had just arrived and was still taking off her coat and purse. We grabbed a quick picture with her there and she was so happy to see the dogs again!We made our way into the event room and stood in the middle of the room. We were waiting to get into the line to have our books signed and pictures to be taken. So we decided to have a bit of fun with the dogs. Picture time!!
We finally made it into line and Forrest and July show up with their PR! So now we were up to 6 dogs. Awesome! We continued going through the line talking to a lot of people about puppy raising. We were also able to talk briefly with Janet's daughter, Alex. For those that don't know, Alex used to be a PR for CCI many years ago. The Golden on Janet's website is actually the dog that she raised.

We gave Alex a little goody bag from CCI that we made for them. It contained two 35th anniversary mugs, two 35th anniversary key chains, a framed photo of our last time we met her, and an invitation to the NJ Chapter's big event, An Afternoon of Wine & Noses. It was great!
As we were almost up to meeting her, Elvis showed up! And right behind him was Feeney! We were up to 8 dogs. Awesome!
We had a great time taking pictures with Janet and talking to a bunch of different people. We were also joined by Onora and her PR and Team Tomba. 10 dogs! It was an excellent day!

We had books signed and a few of those books will be auctioned off at the Wine & Noses event in October. What a great day with some great people!


  1. Oh, what a fun time! So many puppies and such a great way to educate those around you about assistance dogs.

  2. Great job, Lauren and "two paws up" to the great New Jersey Chapter!

    Big hugs,

    Carol Weldin, Northwest Regional Board