Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Disney Pictures

Ok so I think that my blogger account might actually want to be nice to me today and allow me to upload some fun pictures from Disney. Have a fun day today everyone and enjoy the pictures!

At the entrance to the Magic Kingdom!

Bright and Orson. Love how the guy behind them is smiling for the picture too!

We met Princess Aurora! She's my favorite Disney Character. I think Bright liked her too!

Hats anyone?

Hanging out under the big Mickey Sorcerer Hat in the middle of Disney's Hollywood Studios! (It will forever be MGM Studios to me!)
Bright's first Monorail ride!

Grabbed a bus from the Transportation & Ticket Center headed to the Animal Kingdom!

Animal Kingdom! Bright really liked the ducks here....

LegoLand in Downtown Disney. She thought the dogs were real!

Perfect spot for the Electric Light Parade and fireworks in the Magic Kingdom.

Is it starting yet??

Disney was sooo much fun and these pictures aren't even a full representation of what we did. Hope you enjoyed the pictures!

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