Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Tribute to Marvelous Mercer

A young woman realized that there were many things that she could not do, so instead she wrote stories about how her service dog Mercer could do them for her. Mercer would go ice skating for her, and do everything that she couldn't do. Mercer's stories were published and have warmed the hearts of everyone that has read them.
Sadly, Mercer passed away from cancer at the end of June. He was strong and I know that Shea loved him with all her heart.

The latest version of the Northeast Companion (CCI's newsletter for the Northeast Region) was just delivered to my house this morning. Inside, Shea had written a heart-wrenching tribute to her wonderful friend, Mercer. It touched me so much that I wanted to share it with you all:

"My dear CCI family,
Here is one of those letters I thought I wouldn't be writing until years from now.

As many of you know, me sweet Mercer, born February 15th, 2:10 am, 15 perfect ounces, died of cancer on a weekday in June. I was overseas in Europe - my hero protected me from the pain of seeing him so ill, until the day he died.

After Mercer wasn't there to greet me off the plane, I was told in the parking lot of JFK that he was gone. It was the first time in my entire life where I wanted my world to fade to black. I put my head against the car seat and broke down. "He was my world," I cried. "My entire world."

And like a dear friend would soon tell me, "He still is."
I did then the only thing I could think to do. I started to sing.
Phil Collins - "You'll Be In My Heart." Our song. The same song I would sing to him during thunderstorms, or while he was gently falling asleep in his kennel.
"I know you can hear me," I cried.
And he did.

A week later, on my way to visit a special friend of Mercer's, I turned on the channel of the radio. It was as if the song switched on the exact moment I landed on it.
Disney songs? Never on the radio.
And now, I still see him forming little black circles on my bed, watching me with those infinitely knowing eyes. I know now what he would say to me from heaven.
"Why are you crying?" he'd look at me in bewilderment. "I'm here. And my job is never done. Not even now."

Not even now - I've already met my guardian angel. And once again Merc, you know so much more than I do.
But you've taught me, Mercer. Life is about pulling our head back up from the car seat, and watching the headlights go by you. It's about feeling your heart beating, and wondering if that was a second beat you might have felt with you somehow.

And it's about holding on. Holding on to your collar, holding on to you with all that I am.

Don't think I am letting go.
I love you my sweet boy.

Our hearts and thoughts still go out to the Megale family and amazing Shea. Be strong and know that we are all here for you if there is ever anything you need.

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