Thursday, January 27, 2011

Countdown: 3 Months

Is it really almost time?

Bright is now 17 months old and the time is continuing to fly past. Was it really over a year ago that she came home with me?
November 2009. CCI November Graduation. That day was a new experience for me, having a pup matriculate and picking up a new pup at the same time. As many people know, I like to overlap my pups. It does take more work, but I find that it's the best way to raise pups. It also helps to have that other pup to snuggle with once your older pup walks away to his/her new life.

And so the countdown begins. 3 months and counting down. Bright, as well as all pups in the NER, are turning in 3 months later than normal. So I have my BrightStar for an extra 3 months. 3 more months of puppy kisses and fun times. 3 more months to get her training correct. 3 more months until I have to give her back.

Out of all the pups that I've raised, she was the one that we did the most with. She traveled all over. To Minnesota, Wisconsin, Rhode Island, and even down to Disney World for a week. The experiences with her have been amazing and she has taught me so much in the time that I have had her. She was another of my "easy" pups and she easily adapted to the environment around her.

Lately I have been working with her on just a flat collar or a martingale. She does wonderfully on either one! Again, an "easy" pup. I wish they could all be like her!

So, 14 months ago I picked up this cute little puppy from NER and together we began an amazing journey. One filled with many new experiences and challenges. We met each one head on and we will continue to work hard. We have a goal to reach: Bright's Matriculation.

So the countdown has officially begun. Time to get ready to receive that turn-in packet. Time to train hard on all her commands. Time to get myself ready to say another goodbye and to send Bright off to "college" with a piece of my heart so she always knows I'm there.........


  1. Time Flies by!!! Your blog was the first puppy raiser blog that I ever read! I googled CCI and your blog came up! That was right when you turned in Nuri! So I've followed Bright since she was little! I hope that she becomes a service dog!!!

  2. I'm glad you've been enjoying the journey as much as I have! I'm going to try very hard to continue to put up blog posts