Monday, November 30, 2009

Goodbye Power Cord....

So today I was at the doctor's office and left Bright home with my mother to watch. Not good!! She proceeded to chew through my power cord for my laptop! So now I have to order a new one and I'm without a computer until then. What will I do now???? More time for training!

And she looked so innocent when I scolded her for chewing on the cord. She has tried to chew it apart before, but we have always been able to stop her before she got that far. Oh well, hopefully I will catch her next time!!But how can you possibly resist and yell at that face???


  1. Clearly framed - squirrels broke into the house, chewed the cord, and left. They are crafty that way.

  2. Bright you don't want to be really bright so no more power cords for you.

    Glad everyone is safe and it was just the cord that was destroyed.