Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Nuri was spayed!

Well we received a decision from National about whether Nuri would be kept intact or not after she was turned in. I told NER that if she was going to be spayed anyways, then I might as well get it done before she turns in. Working at the vet office lets me get the spay at a discounted rate and so it saves everyone some money!

So Nuri went in on Monday and she had the surgery in the afternoon. Dr. Trotter came out to find me in Reception to tell me how the surgery went. She did great! There were no complications or anything and she was back in the Dog Runs recovering. I went back there a few times throughout the night to see her. She was really out of it and a bit depressed. I tried to coax her to eat her dinner, but she wasn't very interested in it.

When I left work at midnight she looked at me like I was abandoning her. I felt so bad!!

I picked her up yesterday after coming home from NER for a TT lunch (more on that in another post!) She was so happy to see me when I went into the back to get her! Of course she wasn't eating her breakfast either (typical!), but she was so happy to get out and go home.

Thankfully she has not gone after the incision and so does not have to wear an e-collar. Although that would be hilarious to see her with it on! I'm sure she's happy about that too.

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