Friday, February 27, 2009

Nuri AKA Spazz

So I figure that Nuri is now going to be nicknamed Spazz. She is crazy! Lately she has decided to run all over the place and bark at everything. Well, she has always barked, so that's really nothing new. Apparently she got her habit of barking (A LOT!) from her dad OMSI III, so I blame him! I will try to get her on video doing her little "push" thing. It's hilarious.

Well Nuri loves to go shopping, but only at PetsMart. She is getting better at heading out in publc, but still gets a bit antsy when we have been in a store for too long. Yesterday we were at Target and she was doing alright. I was surprised because normally she is pulling me towards the doors signaling, Let's GO! This time around she was alright for the entire time we were in the store. I know she misses following Wilara around, but at least now she doesn't pull as much as she used to.

I was hoping that, since today was so beautiful, that I could get in a nice walk outside. But of course! I had to work the day shift today, so no walk! It decided to rain instead once I got out of work. Typical. So Nuri ran around in the house instead.

After looking at CCI Breeder Chandra's blog the other day, I noticed that she and Nuri sometimes lay down the same way. Butt facing one direction with her head and upper body twisted the other way. Seriously, it looks so uncomfortable. But at least it's better than seeing the pup laying in their crate with their head hanging over the side like one of my other pups, Arey.

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