Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Puppy Class

So last night was puppy class. The New Jersey Chapter gets together every 4th Tuesday of the month to hold a puppy class. I believe there were about 8 dogs there last night and we had a whole lot of fun! St Hubert's (where puppy class is held, located in Morristown area) had some agility equipment laying around so we decided to try our pups on that. Everyone LOVED the agility tunnel! It was a constant logjam of puppies trying to run through it! Too funny. Nuri had an exhausting time and was too tired when it actually came to get to work!

Last night we worked on a few commands and traded ideas for training. When we teach Shake we should do it without encouragement, such as holding out your hand. Who knew?! According to another Puppy Raiser, they use Shake to teach Light and Switch in Advanced Training. So we had a lot of fun trying to get dogs to Shake.

Like I said before, Nuri was exhausted! Playtime before class started really wiped her out and she fell asleep for the whole ride home. She snuggled up with her pillow on the back seat of the van and was asleep within minutes!

I know that I have an agility tunnel around the house somewhere. I have to go find it so that Nuri can practice and maybe I can get some pictures of her playing around it in.

Off to find the tunnel!

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