Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Wilara update

So I was hoping that today I would get some kind of update on my current puppy in Advanced training. Wilara was the 6th puppy that my family has raised and she's the 2nd one that I have had most of the training responsibility. On Saturday the 21st I had to say goodbye to Wilara as I turned her in to Advanced Training. Ok so it's only been like three days since she was turned-in but I was expecting something!
Wila's brother, Wexler, turned-in last November and has been in training for awhile. Wexler's report came through and it was encouraging to read his good report! Looks like he is on the path to become a Service Dog since he is being taught Light, Switch, and Pull. For those that don't know it, those three commands aren't taught to the other dogs set to become Skilled Companions or Facility Dogs. I have no idea about the Hearing Dogs, but I'm thinking they don't learn those either. Oh well.

Katrina, the NER Puppy Program Manager, had a new list of report dates sitting on the table at turn-in and I forgot to grab one. I would assume that there would be a report either in another week or they'll just wait until the end of March. This is the one thing I dread about puppy raising, waiting for the AT reports!
Crossing my fingers for good reports! Puppy Raiser mantra: No news is good news!!

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