Sunday, August 9, 2009

ARC Kohler School Demo

On Friday, Nuri and I went up to Mountainside, NJ to meet up with fellow PR Jen and pup Callie and Skilled Companion Team Bob and Efram and facilitator Sarah. We had a demo that we were doing for a school with children that have developmental disabilities. It was a lot of fun! Nuri did very well and loved to have the kids play with her and pet her. She especially liked the kids where she could lick their faces. (Obviously the licking thing is still a work in progress!)

First Bob and Efram did a demo where they showed how Efram helps Bob with everyday tasks. He opened and closed a door for him, picked up his keys, went Under his chair, did a Lap and a Visit while also displaying a great knowledge of the Side command! Go Efram! They had one of the kids help out by throwing the keys on the ground for Efram to go and get. I always love to see a team working so well together. It makes my "job" that much easier and more fulfilling.

I would love to post pictures of the demo here on the blog, but do to the kid's releases I can't. I don't know which ones are allowed to have pictures of them posted and which aren't so we will leave it that I won't post any pictures. I will leave you all with this picture though...
Nuri was exhausted after the demo and fell asleep on the way home. But in typical Nuri fashion, she had to do things the hard and difficult way. So she slept this way! Yes, she is actually asleep. She wasn't so thrilled that she heard the camera click when I took the picture. She looked at me all sleepy and annoyed. It was hilarious!

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