Monday, August 31, 2009

Nuri's Possible Evaluation

With the many troubles I have been having with Nuri and her training, I have written an email to my PPM to get her advice and to see when I can bring her in for an evaluation. What I really need is someone to see her in action and give me some other advice as to how to get her over her bad behaviors. I'm fresh out of ideas and I hope that someone at CCI can give me a hand. We are currently setting up a time when I can bring Nuri up. I'm not sure whether I have to leave her there for a few days or if it will be a one day thing.

The other option (which I REALLY don't want to do) would be to send her off to another PR for the last few months of training and see if a new environment will do her some good. Here she is a wild child and is taking all my patience and time to try and correct her.

She has been having many issue which include:
  • Mouthing - she nips at Wilara (one of my COCs) on her neck as well as her legs and occasionally at Glenda (my sister's COC)
  • Mounting - yes she did this to Wilara twice, but hasn't done it again in a few weeks so hopefully that's over with
  • Barking - she never stops and does not listen to a correction and doesn't care about the vinegar/water spray or even me spraying Bitter YUCK! in her mouth and giving her a Don't command. The Quiet command seems to make her want to bark even more which is just crazy!
  • Possession of Toys - she steals everything that the other dogs have and I think, snapped at Wilara once when she tried to get a toy. I was not looking in that direction so I couldn't tell who did what.

All of these issues are a no-no for CCI pups and I have been working with her for over 3 months now trying to get her to calm down and stop. Nothing seems to be working, so I am using one of the last resorts available to me.

I'll keep everyone posted on what was decided....


  1. Good Luck! It can get so frustrating with puppies!

  2. Hope you can get her in for an evaluation soon, that sounds like a good idea! The dog-dominance issues remind me a bit of Penelope, only with more energy...not fun! Hope you can work through it.