Thursday, August 6, 2009

Team Training Lunch

Well on Tuesday I was off to CCI early in the morning to go and serve lunch for the TT class! My mother and I decided to invite others to join us and we had a big turnout! We all had a fun time and it was really great to get to meet the graduates. People were really nice and no one was without someone to talk to. I knew two of the dogs up for graduation and it was fun to see who could possibly be getting them. I did know a girl who was getting her Skilled Companion and it was fun to chat with Mel and see what she thought so far of TT. It was only Tuesday so things still had to pick up in pace and she was really excited for that part to come!

Here are some pictures from the lunch:
We had a wide variety of food this time which was great. The menu was....chicken marinated in italian dressing, salad, baked ziti, couscous salad, corn casserole, cheese quesadillas, chips with salsa and homemade guacamole, tomatoes and mozzarella, fresh fruit salad and a tray of veggies. For dessert we had chocolate chip bars, brownies, carrot cake cupcakes, vanilla cupcakes, and chocolate chip raisin cookies. We also bring wine to the lunches which is always a hit and everyone gets a good laugh about it being there. It was a great feast!!! Everything is homemade which makes it that much better and the teams all really enjoy that! People kept eating and eating and surprisingly there was still some food leftover for us to eat!

As a rule, when we do lunch, we always let the staff and teams eat first and then when they all head back to class we dig into whatever is left. There have been many classes where there has been nothing left to eat and we have had to stop at McDonald's on the way home because we were starving!

Also, we leave behind any leftover food from the lunch. The graduates don't have dinner provided for them so the leftover food is usually reheated and that's their dinner. A lot easier than having to go out to find a restaurant or order in food. One of the women who helped out this time even left them a whole other tray of ziti that they can just pop in the oven and have for dinner another night! I love how people are so willing to help out the teams. Even those little gestures are a big help.

It was a great day and we all had a fun time....until next time! We're already beginning to plan out that menu....

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