Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Please keep Tiffany in your prayers

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I wanted to let everyone out there know about my lovely Golden Girl, but not the one most of you are familiar with. Most of you know about my girl, Nuri, but she is not who I am talking about

Pup #3 is Tiffany III and she has always held the biggest part of my heart out of all the pups that I have raised. She is the one that I hoped failed the program and I could get her back. I was beyond thrilled, however, when she was paired up with James III and the two of them began their incredible journey together. With Tiffany, James is a whole new teenager and is living a life that has small signs of autism still remaining.

We received an email from Tiffany yesterday telling us that Tiff suffered a stroke the other day. Her family noticed that she was drooling a lot and her jaw was hanging open more than usual. She was taken to see the Vet and saw a Neurologist. They are not positive as to what caused the stroke to occur, she's only 5 years old. They think that it could possibly be an infection that did it (that's what they hope) but it could possibly be something as serious as a brain tumor.

Tiffany has to go through Physical Therapy and do jaw exercises to strengthen her jaw again. She says that it hurts to lick and she can't even do that right now. She can stick her tongue out a little bit, but that is all. I know how much she loves to give James kisses every day. James is still taking care of Tiffany by brushing her teeth and grooming her every day. The two of them have a very special bond and I know that Tiffany is trying to get better fast so that she can get back to work.

Tiffany is restricted to little work right now and will hopefully be back to work within a months time. LA, Tiffany's trainer and NER's graduate Coordinator, says that once Tiff gets her jaw strength back, it's time to go back to work!

We are all praying for a speedy recovery and to many more working years for Tiffany and for James and Tiffany to be together for a long time. My little Golden Girl thanks everyone!!

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