Monday, May 18, 2009

NER Graduation

Graduation was a blast this time! Well it's always a lot of fun. I didn't take any pictures (naturally) but I hope to get some from other people in the next few days. It was great to see the PRs for Samson, who graduated, on Saturday. They fostered Wilara for a few days before I went to go and get her and they always ask about her when we see them! They can't believe that she already turned-in! It does feel like just yesterday that I was up at CCI picking up her and her brother Wexler to bring them home. How the time has flown since then!Wilara in the kennels. Another PR was kind enough to take this photo for me! Wila's on the right.

I also found out that Wilara was spayed the week before so I guess she is not going to be a mom! Which I guess is a good thing for me because then she will be here on the east coast if she graduates. If she became a breeder, then she would have to go out to California and I wouldn't get to see her nearly as much! So I guess this is a good thing then. Everyone at NER tells me that she looked really funny after her surgery. She kept on licking the area so they put a no bite collar on her. It's not like an E-collar that everyone is used to, but it looks more like a donut that anything. They said that she looked like a little Shar-Pei with her face all scrunched up! I used to do that myself and scrunch her face up. It was so cute! I never got a picture of her like that though. I know that Stacey asked that a picture be taken. Not sure if it happened though. Oh well :(

And congratulations to Matthew who graduated on Saturday with SD Oswego! And a congratulations as well to Oswego's PR! And congratulations to all the amazing people that graduated with their dogs. It was a long two weeks I know, but all worth it in the end! Now the fun really begins!

I don't know about all of the other regions, but none of Wilara's litter in NER, NCR, and SE graduated this time. I'm not sure about NW and SW, but I should be getting that report soon I'm sure. If not, then we all hope for a big group graduating in August! It would be really neat if Wilara and Wexler graduated together. So cool!

I'm going to scout around for some pictures from the day and post them when I get them!There was a wedding at the hotel and there was a really big limo there! It would have been neat to get a photo inside, but that wasn't happening.

L-R: Thea, Konar, and Nuri. Thea and Konar turned-in and good luck to them in AT! They all sat so nicely for the photo shoot!

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