Monday, May 11, 2009

Nuri's weekend

Well Nuri had a low stress weekend this time. I figured that since she was still getting over the effects of the meds (hahahha yeah right!) we would take it easy this weekend.

On Saturday we decided to go and check out a little event at one of the area's high schools. It was called "Save the Satos" and people were allowed to bring their pet dogs. They had little shows and contests for the dogs which was really cute. It was great for Nuri to be working around a lot of dogs. We worked on keeping focus around people and pets and all the different noises. It helped that Nuri couldn't really come in contact with other dogs, which helped in getting her to leave them all alone. She does still turn her head (and body) in the direction of another person or dog which we are trying to work on. She's just a very social dog and loves people paying attention to her. I even tried to get her to walk along a fence that was a little bit shorter than a foot wide and she was very clumsy! Didn't work as well as I was hoping, but we'll try it again some other time! It was funny watching her though!

After the event we went out to get something to eat at Panera and Nuri was great! She went under the table and stayed there the whole time which was awesome for her. It seemed like she slept the whole time we were eating! Most of my dogs usually shake after getting up from lying down and this is especially not good while in a restaurant. I was told by some NER trainers to put my hand on the back of the pup's neck and that will stop them from shaking as you leave. So here I am going through Panera with my hand on Nuri's neck and people are wondering what on earth I am doing! Although it worked very well with Wilara, it didn't have quite the same effect on Nuri, she shook anyways! I'll try it again tomorrow night when we leave from our Chapter dinner meeting which is held at a restaurant.

On Sunday it was Mother's Day so we spent some time outside in the gorgeous sun! Nuri loved to run around in the grass, and eat it too. We were playing some fetch games which she still doesn't seem to get the point of.She wasn't a fan of bringing the tennis ball back to me after the first few times. She sure does love to eat the grass. For awhile she didn't, but now it's back on the menu!

aaannnnnddddd.......she's gone.....
Came back inside and she was out like a light! She loves her bed, and she has been known to pick it up and carry it around until she finds the perfect place to lay down!

I had to go to work last night and so Nuri hung out at home. But when I got home I let her out of her crate so that she could hang out with me for a bit. It was 12:30 in the morning (I got off work at 12) and I had a few things to do on my desktop computer. So Nuri wanted to get as close to me as possible. At first she only put her front feet up onto my printer. After awhile she was annoyed with that and just plopped herself down on top of it!!
Nuri has also started doing the "happy growl" when she has her blanket or a toy in her mouth. It's just her little way to say that she is ready to play! I know many of her siblings have been doing the happy growl for awhile now, but for Nuri it's brand new!

Hope everyone had a great weekend!

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  1. Sounds like fun! My dog Conover(1/2 brother to OMSI, so 1/2 uncle to Nuri) did the happy growl....I loved it!