Saturday, May 2, 2009

Build-A-Bear Day!

So Nuri and I decided to kick off CCI's fundraiser with Build-A-Bear this weekend. We went to our local store and had fun educating people about Service Dogs! Nuri was definitely a hit and we always stand in the doorway so as to attract as much attention as possible. Nuri was loving it!Last year when we did this we made friends with the manager of the store. He always asks us to leave brochures on the counter so that people can take those if they are interested. One thing I noticed was that there were no signs or anything up about the promotion which is so different fromn last year. It was really busy today so I couldn't ask the manager about it. Hopefully there will be some kind of sign up this year that shows people that the dogs are helping us.

I was very happy with Nuri today. She did really well. I had her leader off and just had her on the flat collar (which I never like to do) and she was a perfect little girl. She sat quietly while young kids climbed all over her, and she was more than happy to pose for some pictures for me. Such a good puppy! I'm glad she is doing so much better with that.
I was told by my vet to stress Nuri out big time this weekend to see if stress/anxiety is the problem and that is why she is getting sick. So far so good! She has been fine since we have been home, although a bit tired which is to be expected.

Hope everyone is out buying those cute puppies to help out CCI! I know that I might be going into NYC to the store there so that I can stuff a Golden Retriever since they aren't sold in any other store near me. Beats buying it online!

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  1. Glad she is doing well and not sick! She looks happy :)