Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Wilara Update - AT report

Wilara's AT report came through this morning. YAY! She had a good report which was awesome. She is still doing the hackling/whining/barking thing which is not so good. Other than that the report was very positive. yay! This is what PRs wait for, and to see our pups doing well is awesome. Wilara seems to be able to do many different things already and seems to be on the path to be a SC if she graduates. We'll see because that can always change along the way. She is such a sweet little girl!

Here is what the comment section of her report reads:

"This month in training, Wilara has begun retrieving new items including a sneaker, an Altoids container, a cell phone and a marker. She has also learned to activate the automatic doors by using her nose to push the push plates. In the play yard, Wilara has shown improvement with returning fetched toys to my hand. We have been working on controlling her impulses around toys and have been patterning her drive with toys to a fetch our students can use. Wilara will often bark and whine in anticipation of group run time and we have been working on being quiet and holding a sit before being let out to play. Next month, we will continue to progress with tug and the retrieve as well as finishing the step behavior in order to begin using it as a delivery for retrieved items."

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  1. Sounds like she is doing well! That is a great report! I got Andros's first report today I'm excited as I now have a dog in AT!