Thursday, September 3, 2009

Puppy Shopping

Well I did some online shopping today for the dogs! First purchase was Wilara's new vest that she will wear for her Therapy Dog duties. She will not have any sort of patches on this vest, but I have asked a friend of mine if she will embroider some things on there for me. It should be awesome! All of our pups were color coordinated as a little bit of fun for us. Shane III was all in red (GL, collar, and lead), Wilara was all in purple, and Nuri is currently all in green. There was a website that I really did NOT want to order from that had this purple vest, but it was the only one that was what I was looking for. So I placed my order and that's the last that I will be ordering from them. I just have a problem with what they have written on their website about Service Dogs.
And then I went and placed an order to get the new favorite thing - goughnuts! So I placed an order for both the stick and the round wheel. We'll see how they work. You can read about them at They are supposed to be indestructible and they have a lifetime guarantee on them which is just awesome! We'll see how the dogs do with it since Nuri has become a semi-power chewer, and Wilara loves things like this too. They float which is great so that I can use them in the pool as well.

I am still waiting to hear from my PPM about Nuri's evaluation so I am just in that waiting period. I want this to be addressed as soon as possible so that we still have time to work through it. Here's to hoping!

Oh right...I have to send out Nuri's August Progress Report.....

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