Friday, September 4, 2009

A Great Day for Shopping

Nuri and I decided to head out to the outlet mall not too far from our house with my mom and the two kids that she watches in tow. We had fun walking around and in and out of stores. I like the outlets because when I have a little 5 month old puppy I can be quick in and out of stores and still get them used to being in that environment. It's better than a mall since I don't have to be completely embarrassed if the dog happens to get freaked out or "hurries" on the walkway between stores. It was great fun and Nuri and I were able to work on some of the commands that she has been having issues with. One such problem command is the difference between Up and Jump. So we got to practice it on a bench along with Stay to allow me to take these pictures:
The pictures don't show any people around which is funny because there were a bunch of people watching Nuri perform her commands. I thought we were going to have an audience! And Nuri did very well and didn't pull so much on her leash, so hopefully we are making some improvement in that area! YAY!

She does have a leash attached to her GL. It's a training leash so it's only about 18" long and it's draped over her back!

But I have to make this post quick since Nuri is telling me that we have to go outside, NOW!
She likes to put her head in my lap and nudge me to tell me she has to go out. I like this way better than her barking like crazy!

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