Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Update - Skilled Companion Tiffany III

We got an update on my Tiffers today! I was so excited to hear from her, it's been awhile since we last heard anything from James. For those that don't kn0w about Tiffany, she was the third pup that my family raised. A female Golden who is the cutest thing ever and graduated 3 years ago this coming November with her companion James. James is autistic and Tiffany helps him stay calm and helps him to be motivated to start talking. It's GREAT!

Tiffany sent us a note saying that she is still living the good life and that she had a great time at Disney World!! She sent some pics of the trip and my girl is all gray in the face! She's still my little cutie and good girl though.
I laugh as I look at these pictures because James isn't in most of them! But I know she loves James the most and sticks by his side through everything. He just didn't want to take her on all the rides. She did go on "It's A Small World" (shudder), Dumbo's Air Ride, and "some spooky ride that had some poor dog and he/she looked like she was starving to death!" Sounds like she had a great time and I'm sure she was smiling for everyone and posing for pictures.

Love to my Golden Girl!!

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