Friday, September 11, 2009

Nuri's Evaluation Has Been Set

So Nuri will go in for her evaluation on Tuesday. I'm a bit apprehensive about the whole thing. I know that I pushed for it to happen, but it's still a "scary" kind of thought. She hasn't calmed down at all no matter what I do. On Labor Day we took a walk to tire her out and walked for over a mile. She got home, completely wiped out and lay down. She was asleep for not even 5 minutes and then up and running around the house like a wild child all over again, like she hadn't even taken that walk at all!! I swear there is nothing that can wipe this dog out for a long period of time.

But Nuri's evaluation should be interesting. I will be bringing both Nuri and Wilara up to CCI so that they can watch how the two of them interact with one another. It seems like most of the bad behavior is with Wilara so they want to see how that works with them. Then Nuri will be staying at CCI for a few days to see how she acts around the kennels. Hopefully she will be able to go and stay with a foster home where they can evaluate how she is in a home environment.

I'm also looking to Puppy Swap with another PR so that I can see how she acts away from home. It's difficult since not many people want to deal with her and her issues! But I am still looking around for help. Any volunteers? Hahahhaa.....just wondering!

I'll keep everyone posted on how Nuri's evaluation went.

And we have two street fairs this weekend that we are going to be at. Cranbury Day and the Red Bank Street Fair. It's a busy CCI weekend! I'll try to get some pictures up here at the first chance I get!

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