Thursday, April 30, 2009

CCI and Build-A-Bear partner up again

CCI and Build-A-Bear(BAB) have teamed up again for the month of May! Last year they started this partnership where every Kennel Pals animal that was sold, $1 was donated to CCI. It's a national campaign and last year netted over $60,000!!

So it seems that CCI and BAB have decided to do it again for the entire month of May. So starting May 1st you can buy the animals online or in the store. Some stores have only one or two of the dogs, but you can order the others online. I know my local BAB only had the Black lab lsat year. They do have a Golden, Black Lab and Yellow Lab puppies to stuff.

Last year we did a weekend at my local BAB and had the pups there with us. There were many parties with young kids and it was a great way to educate everyone about service dogs. Many of the kids wanted to switch their animals after they heard that the Black Lab puppy would help out our dogs. It was so great to see!They also have a little service dog cape that you can put on the pup.This one was made for the little girl that I babysit for. She loves it and carries it around with her. But they have these cute little capes that you can buy and the lead and collar are really nice too.

So go out and buy a Build-A-Bear Kennel Pal and support CCI! You know you want to....


  1. That is a great idea to raise money! I got a black lab puppy with the little coat a few months ago.

  2. I'm so excited about it...Over May some of the puppy raisers are going to do outings to build a bear! It will be fun and do great things for CCI.