Thursday, January 7, 2010

"First Turn-In" Poems

Every now and then I come across some great poems and stories that graduates and PRs write. The other day on the Yahoo! Groups that pertain to CCI a graduate posted a few poems that she wrote. I love them! Here we go!

Dearest Puppy raiser,
You say we soon will part.
Just be sure to remember
you'll always be in my heart.
So now we must have courage -
both of us you see
'Cause I must learn a new job
And Oh! I want to succeed!
So cry, my Puppyraiser,
but please don't be sad
for you have taught me all about love
for that you should be glad.
Of course, I learned some other things,
like all young puppies do,but
nothing like the love you gave
a task I most must do.
I will ne'er forget you
for you are my first love,
but I have another calling
my destiny from Above
I need help another person
be all that they can be,
despite a damaged body
and sometimes broken heart
So, wish me well with my new task,
I know I can succeed.
"Cause I want to be devoted
to a new friend so in need.
You know about God's angels
With the wings and fancy lace?
Well, I am really one of them,
Just with a puppy face.
Lyn & Vannote 2/99

And then this one as well....

Oh, dear God in heaven,
Are you listening to my prayers?
I'm going to get a puppy,
Oh, dear God in heaven,
Are you listening to my prayers?
I'm going to get a puppy,
Are you listening to my prayers?
I'm going to get a puppy,
The day is almost here!

Please bless me with the courage
for this momentous task,
And is some love and humor
way too much to ask?

My mind may have to struggle
With lessons and with tests,
But if I have Your Presence
I know I'll have success.

I have another worry, too
Can I really love this pup?
He already has nother love
who "had to give him up".

Is any puppy just "OK"
Or will we be so rare,
To hear the rhythm of our hearts
beating as a pair?

This puppy will be special,
More than just a pet.
He's born to be my helper,
that I never will forget.

About his puppy raiser, God,
Please help me in the 'morrow.
understand their sacrifice.
Can parting be sweet sorrow?

Give me grace and gratitude
For all the love they've shared
I really am so thankful
and I know how much they care.

Thank you, God, please guide us
safely through our fears.
For all those slurpy puppy kisses
Have become my weepy tears.

Lyn Geiser

Again, this is why I do this. This is why we all do this. Some people say that it takes a certain person to be able to raise a puppy. I agree. You need to be strong and loving at the same time and many people can't do that.

I love my puppies and I will continue to be a PR for as long as I can.

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  1. Lovely. Thank you, Lauren, for all that you do. :)