Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Nuri - Change of Career

(Nuri's first night home)

So I received the dreaded phone call all puppy raisers wish they never get. The phone call to let me know that Nuri is ready to come home, she didn't like college.

Her official reason for release is that she was too excited and it was hard to harness all that energy to get her to train. I think her non existant food drive was a big factor too. She was definitely a difficult one to train! She is such a free spirit and I thought the need for control was always something she battled against. She reminds me of a hippie almost, in the way she would rather rebel against the norm and be her free and crazy self.

She will be staying up at CCI until I can locate a home for her. There were many people that wanted to adopt her while she was in training. So I have placed a few phone calls and text messages to those people since they have seen her grow up. Even people I would not have expected want to adopt her. She's such a sweet girl and loves everyone.(She always loved her blankets)

So am I disappointed she didn't make it? Yes. Am I mad that she didn't make it? No. There are many pups that I think should have made the cut, Shane and Wilara are two of them, but there are some things that come out in AT that I have never seen with them. Could have been a bad day or just some trait that wasn't brought out in my home, but it was at CCI. Each pup reacts differently to the training they receive once they turn-in. It's a different experience than it is in a PR home and that takes some getting used to.

To be honest, I'm more proud of the fact that Nuri made it as far as she did. Since she was so difficult, I know that Lisa gave it her best shot. Katrina, my PPM, made sure to tell me how much Lisa enjoyed working with her and that she made her laugh everyday. That's a great comfort to know and I know my Golden girl had a fun time making everyone laugh. I'll talk more with Lisa hopefully at TT lunch next week and talk about her experience with Nuri.

Even though she has chosen a different path from the one that I was training her for, I'm proud of her. She is going to live the life that she wants for herself. As a PR that's all I can ask for. Her time with me has been the best time ever. Most of the dogs are so well behaved that I am lulled into a sense of ease (cough cough Bright cough cough), but Nuri made sure that I paid attention to her with her antics and she always put a smile on my face.
Lots of love to my Golden child!


  1. Woo - Nuri - Best of luck in a new home! We do understand the "different" ones to train - grins.

  2. I am impressed by your response to Nuri's release. I just found out that my first puppy-in-training (Trego from KSDS, Inc.) was released for cataracts. It was really difficult for me, but it has gotten easier, especially as I find more people who have gone through the same thing out there and I learn from their experiences.
    Thank you for posting and good luck with Bright.
    Becka and Beale in Sacramento