Monday, January 11, 2010

Almost time to "move on up"!

Well Bright is quickly approaching 5 months old. Yikes! Has the time really gone by that fast? It's amazing how quick these pups grow up and how quickly the time flies by!

Bright is still amazingly independent and enjoys learning new things every day. Including, and not limited to, jumping over the gate into the hallway from the kitchen. She just sits there, then makes up her mind, and springs into action! It's quite funny and I'll have to get it on video. She's like a little kangaroo! But at least I know that she won't get into too much trouble when she is on the loose. Mostly she will wander around upstairs and then come back down and jump over the gate again to be where we all are.

Her latest fun thing to do is to rip apart garbage bags. I never catch her at it which is frustrating. She seems to hide everything by looking so innocent, then I walk a little ways further and there is a path of destruction. Not good! So we are keeping a closer watch on her (not like we don't already!).

But she is still learning a lot and quickly. She will graduate to her "next" step in her training and be allowed to wear her "big girl" cape very soon! In less than a week she will be 5 months old and be able to wander out in public. Watch out world! Here comes a Bright star!
Her cape was brought to us by Jen when she came to collect all the samples from her study when she was finished with it. She was delivering everything that had to go out to raisers in the next two months. So we got her cape early, but I was being good and not putting it on her and taking her places. It was tempting though! I put her cape on when I took pictures before Christmas of her. It was so big! But she looks so cute in it!


  1. Woo - Bright. So exciting to see you take the next giant step.

  2. Best of luck, little girl! We're rooting you on!!!