Sunday, January 17, 2010

5 Things for 5 Months!

I think I might try this. Many other bloggers do this when their pups get another month older. So I'll try to remember to do this for every month.

Bright turns 5 months old today and she is doing great so here goes!!!

1. She grows like a weed.
Every time I look at her she seems to grow another few inches. She's all legs and looks like a funny puppy with her height. She is the same height as Wilara who is, in her own right, a small lab. It amazes me how big she has gotten and I know she'll continue to grow.

2. She's not afraid of anything. Most of my pups seem to have a fear issue about something while I have them. More than anything, it shows up when they are pups. Bright hasn't shown any hesitation with the things I have thrown her way. She takes everything in stride and is always curious about things.

3. She's a bit too smart for her own good. She has learned how to knock down barriers that we have placed throughout the house. They say that if a dog has a big enough "drive" they can get through anything. She has learned to jump over a gate and knock down anything in her way.

4. She sticks to me like glue. Not the best thing ever, but wherever I am, she has to be. That's why she jumps over everything and knocks things over. It's to get to me. I think she might have to go and spend some time away from me and see how her separation anxiety is. Maybe it's just a trait of hers to stick closely to someone. I hope this helps her in her training as the months go along.

And finally....

5. She's the easiest puppy ever. She never has a problem doing anything and she learns quick. Although she is a bit too distracted by food, we are working on that. I never have a problem with her and it's a great break for me to not have a puppy that needs constant attention and monitoring.

She is really the best puppy ever and I love her to pieces. So today we get to throw aside the "puppy cape" and bring out the "big-girl" cape! If the weather wasn't so awful (it's raining! again!) we would have made a trip out to the outlet mall to start getting in some public work. Guess it will have to wait another day!

Happy 5 month Birthday to my Bright star!!

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