Thursday, October 15, 2009

Chapter Meeting

So on Tuesday night we had our monthly Chapter meeting. We were meeting at Kessler Rehab as usual and it was a pretty big turnout! We were lucky to have Katrina, our PPM, there at the meeting offering to work with some of us PRs on commands and behaviors. She was there at 5 and we had to make appointments with her to get some help. It looked like a great training session!

We were also joined by NER's Develpment Director, Debbie, and our new Volunteer Coordinator, Tracy. Debbie met with my mom and me before the meeting to go over some things and talk a bit about a few ideas that we had. All went well and I'm working hard on some window decals! YAY!

The meeting was very informative as usual which was great. We began to discuss our bi-annual fundraiser, Wine & Noses and it seems to be getting off the ground. The new task is to find sponsors which is always a big task. I might have to hit up RBVH (Red Bank Veterinary Hospital) where I work for a sponsorship. I know that they do a lot of work with The Seeing-Eye and I'm hoping that they will help out another branch of working dogs. They also do a lot with Police Dogs which I am always seeing in the waiting room! I know that a lot of CCI dogs come through the hospital so I might have to appeal to that. I have seen working dogs come through and I know that a few PRs use RBVH as well.

There was also two little pups in attendance! Katrina's new pup that she is raising, Angus, was there and is an adorable little Border Collie. He's a special dog being raised for a National Board Member which is so cool. The other pup is Onora (Omeeka x Zorba) who is an 11-weekold Golden. She was being given to Team Tomba to raise! So Abbey has a new pup now that Harlin has been released. I'm so happy for her! And Onora is absolutely adorable. She's actually Nuri's cousin if you look through her bloodlines. OMSI III and Omeeka are siblings and therefore Onora and Nuri are cousins. Hahahahaha. I love it! Anyways, here are some pictures that I took of Onora:
She's got that Blaze "splat" or "frog" position that just seems to be genetic for all puppies of his! She is so cute and it will be fun to watch her grow up! She just stretched out and promptly fell asleep. We were all laughing!


  1. I thought she was Irish! (O'Nora)?

    So cute, mellow and very cuddly. Or tired. We'll see.

    But she is 10 weeks, not 11 months! :)

    Love your blog, Lauren.

  2. Hahahaha thanks! I didn't even realize I did that, and I always re-read the posts before posting them! I guess a few things escape me at times.

    Glad you enjoy reading it, I enjoy writing it!