Saturday, October 3, 2009

Event at Kessler Rehabilitation Center

So today Nuri, my mother, and I went to West Orange to Kessler Rehab for their 2nd Annual Adapted Recreation Expo. We got a message from NER's applicant coordinator, Jess, and we packed up everything and off we went! We knew that the event was being held, but NER did not ask anyone from the NJ Chapter to be there since it was going to be such a small event that it didn't seem to be needed. Jess, however, called us in at the last minute to give the event a bit of a boost. It seemed that everyone at Kessler was wondering where the dogs were! So Jess decided to go through her phonebook and give us a call.

We showed up and we had fun meeting people and Nuri was given an opportunity to work around many different kinds of wheelchairs. She was the center of attention and loved it!There was a table there for a local therapeutic riding school and with them they brought a large stuffed horse. Nuri has been around horses before, but from a distance watching as they circle around at street fairs offering pony rides. This stuffed horse was kept in their barn so it smelled like a real horse which was a good thing for Nuri to experience! She enjoyed it.There was also a table that had one of those electronic dogs. It was little and Nuri was completely fascinated with it! It was hilarious! She played with it and had a blast.I took some videos of Nuri with the electronic dog. She was having a fun time with it and it was a good thing for her to be exposed to. So here are two videos I took today.

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