Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Puppy Class

Last night the NJ-Chapter had their monthly puppy class. We had a huge turnout this time!! It was a Halloween themed night and we had fun playing games and the dogs played dress-up! We wanted to see how the dogs reacted to having costumes on their bodies and dealing with things on their heads. It was hilarious!Service Dog Tomba and pup Onora representing "Jack" and "O'Lantern"!

Little Miss Devil Mina

Cool guy Feeney

Suave Zack

Horse-like Story

It was a fun time seeing the pups all dressed up. We also had someone put on a dog costume that had a huge head and had the pups greet this person. It's similar to one of the temperament tests that the pups will encounter upon turn-in. We also played a little bit of Limbo, having the dogs go either over or under a bar.

We also pretended to "trick-or-treat" with bags of delicious smelling chocolate candies! The dogs did great and none really seemed concerned about the bags being shaken around them. Good dogs!!

We also sometimes have a Q&A session near the end of the class to discuss problems we are having with training the pups. Everyone offers advice and it's a great way to share ideas and get some guidance from other PRs.

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