Thursday, October 8, 2009

Turn-In Paperwork

As many PRs can tell you, probably the most draining part of puppy raising is filling out all the turn-in paperwork!! At CCI they have us fill out a repeat puppy raiser application in addition to all the standard forms. The repeat application is about three pages long and I never look forward to filling it out! I should just submit the last application.....who knows? Might be easier that way!!

They also look for pictures for the slideshow that they will be showing at the graduation/matriculation ceremony. I have been combing through all the pictures that I have of Nuri and trying to come up with the best ones to send in. There are so many!!! It's hard to pick just a few! are the ones that I have chosen to send in, and then I have to get another picture of me and Nuri as well.
I always send in at least 8 pictures so that they have a few to choose from. Plus there are too many great ones to narrow it down!

It's amazing how fast this past year has gone by. I can't believe that it's already time to give Nuri back to CCI. It gets harder each and every time I have to give one of my fluffballs back to CCI, but it's worth all the hard work and sometimes frustration. With Nuri it's been an interesting adventure and a wild ride! She has taught me so much over the last few months and for that I am grateful.

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