Sunday, October 18, 2009

W Litter Update!!

So before I had written that a lot of Wilara's litter mates have graduated. Well here's another! Congratulations to Whisper II and her PRs as she graduated yesterday as a Side Placement Service Dog!!

So here are the graduates from her litter:
Weston - Skilled Companion
Walker IV - Skilled Companion
Wessex II- Successor Service Dog
Wyatt - Successor Service Dog
Wexler - Service Dog
Whisper II - Service Dog

Incredible is all I have to say. I can't remember if Whitley graduated or not, but still. It's just great to see so many of her littermates graduate. I know that all of Baumann's puppies have a higher rate of graduating since he is such an amazing dog.

So again, congratulations to all the graduates and their new partners. Congratulations as well to the PRs that raised these amazing dogs. Wilara was a joy to raise and she is a joy to have at home with me now.

Good luck to everyone!!!

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