Tuesday, October 27, 2009

the secret is out...

I was going to keep it a secret for a bit longer, but I goofed and posted a message on the CCI Yahoo! Groups with information about....you guessed it! My new puppy!!

So meet............

Bright II
Thanks to Bright's BC Rachel for the pictures!!

I will be picking up Bright on Nov. 14th when I turn-in Nuri. I would take her earlier, but Nuri is still a bit of a handful and another pup would be too much for me to take care of at one time! I'm very excited about a new puppy, but it's bittersweet since I have to let Nuri go off to college.

Bright is also a pup that is involved in CCI's fecal sample study. I'm not positive on all the details, but there are a lot of things that have to be done (collecting fecal samples, getting vaccines, collecting a serum) and they have to be done on certain dates as well. It's interesting and Bright will have about a month and a half left of the study by the time that I get her. Well, I was hoping for a new challenge and it looks like I will be getting one!


  1. She's so cute!! Congratulations! Is she a Golden/Lab mix? The little baby pictures of her look sort of Golden-ish.

  2. Yes she is a cross. Her mother is mostly Golden I believe

  3. When was she born? I pick up my new pup Nov 13th! :D Happy puppy weekend!

  4. Congratulations! It will be fun to have Bright with you over the holidays! Ruby is also a lab/golden cross - mom golden, dad black lab. Two of the nine pups were black, the rest yellow. I don't know how you got that family pumpkin shot but I love it!!!