Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Advanced Training Report

So Wilara's Advanced Training Report came through this morning!! I was going crazy all morning waiting for it to come. Now the wait is over! Everything seems to be fine with her. There was some kennel cough, but it seems that she is symptom free (YAY). She seems to be doing well and adjusting fine. Her trainer is Stacey which is great. Love Stacey!!! Here is what was written in the comments section:

Since turn in, Wilara has been through our standard temperament and medical evaluations. She is settling into advanced training and has been reviewing her basic commands as well as learning some new ones. Wilara has been learning to hold a wooden dumbell; which is the beginning stages of the retrieval. She has also begun to learn to push a drawer shut using her nose. In the play yard, Wilara will occasionally hackle and posture when other dogs approach but responds well to verbal correction. During a field trip to Petco, Wilara was easy to manage and responsive. Next month, we will be focusing on progressing the retrieve and push as well as working basic commands in public.

YAY for good puppy reports! I'll get her brother Wexler's report soon from his puppy raiser and I'm sure he will have a stellar report as well.

I always tell everyone that asks "Isn't giving up the puppy the hardest thing to do?" a different answer. You can make it through handing the puppy in, but it's the waiting for the progress reports that is the hardest thing! It's going a full month without knowing ANYTHING about your pup and worrying all the time that they are going to call you and tell you that you have to come get your puppy.

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  1. Way to go Wilara! That's so funny that you know another puppy in training named Barrett. And Black Lab too!