Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Busy Busy Busy!!

So Nuri and I have been super busy and working on new things every day! Since the weather has been cooperating and been beautiful out, we have been taking some nice walks. Nuri still tends to pull on the lead too much while walking so we are working to get her to stop. She likes to work on new commands and we were trying out Side and Heel.

CCI uses a few different commands than other people would use. The Heel command is different from what most people use it for. Many people use Heel to tell their dog to walk next to them. CCI uses the command with a different meaning. Heel to us means that the dog has to come and sit on our left side when given the command. Side means that the dog has to come and sit on our right side.

So we have been working on that as well as Up and Jump. We were at The Grove (a shopping center near me) and we were walking around when I saw a stone wall. I decided to try and see if she would jump up. Unfortunately she didn't like that idea, but she loved being on the wall after I put her up there! My mom had walked off with the camera so I couldn't get a good picture.

Nuri tends to get anxious a lot. Even when we go on a walk around the neighborhood she starts to breathe heavily and pull harder on the lead. I'm working on it with her, but it could be a looooong process. But she is so good at learning her commands that I love to work with her.

Update on Wilara and her siblings:
So I've been in contact with a few of Wilara's siblings over the last year and a half. Weston and Winnet were raised in the Southwest and Walker and Whisper were raised in the Northwest. I hear from their puppy raisers every now and then and they tell me that all pups are doing well in Advanced Training! We are all hoping for graduates this May! Fingers and paws crossed!

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