Saturday, March 7, 2009

Nuri and her cape

So Nuri, like a few of her siblings, does NOT like her cape. She tries to bite at it and scratch it to get it off. Sadly, she is not successful. Instead, she looks really funny when we go out in public because she is always trying to get her cape off. So now she has to wear it ALL THE TIME! It's the best way that I can think of to get her used to wearing the cape all the time. Maybe it will help tone down her barking too! It's worth a try anyways.

Nuri has been doing some shopping lately and found that there is nothing entertaining to buy at Circuit City. We walked into the store and she immediately let out a big yawn. Guess she was bored there! No good sales anyways. Nuri is also getting better out in public although she still pulls a bit on her lead.

Wilara Update:
Still no news on Wilara as we are at exactly two weeks since she was turned-in. She was really one of the hardest ones to give up and I miss her every day! But as always, I am sending her good thoughts and wishes so that she stays in AT and behaves like the good little girl that she is! I just wonder if she will make it as a breeder dog. How cool would that be?? I would definitely want to raise one of her puppies from her first litter. Here's to hoping!

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