Monday, March 23, 2009

Puppy Update!

Well I am anxiously awaiting my first Advanced Training report for Wilara! It should come through on Wednesday morning and I will be able to see how my little girl is doing. I haven't heard anything recently from my sources, so this should be interesting! I was talking with a few of Wila's littermates' Puppy Raisers. So far, Walker, Weston, Whisper, and Wexler are all still in Advanced Training and doing well! YAY for the "W" litter! It was sad to learn that Winnett was released in Mid-January, but I know that she is making another person's life that much brighter. We are all keeping our fingers (and paws) crossed for puppies to graduate in May.

As for Nuri, I was catching up with a bunch of her littermates as well. It's funny how her siblings seem to be so calm and quiet and I have Nuri who is the complete opposite of them! The picture on the right is of Namiko. She looks so much like Nuri! The one on the top left is of Nanette. The bottom left is her brother Navarro! They are all just so cute! It seems that everyone is doing well and there are many similar quirks between the siblings. Such as Nanette does the same "push" thing that Nuri does! I'm taking Nuri to the vet's to get weighed since another of my pups has to go for a check-up with the dermatologist. (Yes they have them for te dogs too!) I'll check back in with her weight, but I would assume she would weigh around the same as her siblings who seem to average around 45 pounds.

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