Monday, March 23, 2009

Vet visit and the mall

Well I took Nuri to the vet's today to get her weighed while my other dog had a checkup. While waiting for them to call us I was working with Nuri on her commands. We have been working a lot on Under. I usually have an issue with my dogs trying to get them to work on the Under command. They all used to fight me when I tried to get them to go under something. Nuri, however, LOVES to do the Under command! It's seriously one of her favorites.
Nuri weighed in at 51.3 pounds! She's a big girl! I tried to get the weight in the shot as well. If you look closely you can make out the numbers! And yes that's right, she does weigh that much. And sometimes I have to coax her to get her to eat her food. Mostly in the mornings she doesn't want to eat all her food.

Today we went to a mall that has some "floating" stairs. They are the ones that have the openings between each step. The dogs are not really a fan of going up those stairs because they can see through them. Nuri did great with them! She was a little unsure of them at first, but she settled down fine and was more than happy to go up and down them. Of course, we attracted all kinds of attention (who wouldn't?) going up and down the stairs. I'm sure people were wondering what was going on!


  1. When the M's turned in a weighed Chandra and she weighed 51.3 also!!

  2. Hahahahahha that's too funny!

  3. What a gorgeous girl! Sounds like she is doing great.

  4. She's a good girl when she wants to be. But we all love her anyways!