Monday, March 9, 2009

Skilled Companion Dog Tiffany III

I stumbled across a cd that was made by CCI of pictures of my third dog, Tiffany III, who graduated November 2006. She's working with an autistic boy, James III, down in the DC area. Tiff loves to work! I hear that she heads off to work at Congress with James's dad (her facilitator). She also tells us that she loves to go visit people as well. She is one busy pup! Tiffany is that adorable dog that was featured in the NER's Capital Campaign brochure. Didn't see it? Click here! She's on Page 5. And for all of you that have a CCI Calendar for 2009, Tiffany is Miss April! If you don't have a calendar yet then go buy one!

Here are some fun pics from that cd: (captions under each picture)

James III and Tiffany III getting started in Team Training!

Tiffany and James heading out to do some shopping!Tiffany and James taking a quick break for some hug time!

Tiffany with her Companion James III and his dad James II (facilitator) heading off to the mall!

Tiffany working on her TUG command! Look how well she does that!

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