Tuesday, April 21, 2009

goofing off at Borders

Nuri and I had some errands to run this morning! But first we took the little girl I watch to story hour at Borders. While my mom stayed with Ginn at the story hour, Nuri and I went around the store and practiced commands. We worked on Under, Jump, Up, and more Under! She loves to do the Under command because she gets to lay down. Silly puppy! I was wondering how she would like the Jump command since we haven't been working on it at all. I was focusing more on Up. But she seemed to love jumping onto the bench in the store! She would be given the Jump command, jump up, and immediately sit and wait for another command. Such a good little puppy!!

After working for about 15 minutes we wandered back to story hour and I noticed a little shelf that had nothing on it. Sooooo......Nuri and I decided to have some fun and have a photo shoot at Borders! Unfortunately I didn't have my camera with me so I had to use my iPhone to take the pictures. They aren't as sharp as the regular camera, but they're still good!
She had a fun time hanging out on the shelf.

I went to Borders and the bank, two of Nuri's favorite places since I allow people here to pet her. But after being home for about an hour, Nuri decided to throw up again. So I am starting to think that she is throwing up from anxiety. All PRs know that this is not good! So she's back again on the chicken and rice diet.

Life is never boring! But I love my little girl all the same!


  1. The pictures are too cute! I hope Nuri feels better soon!

  2. Oh, those pictures are hilarious! I loved them!

  3. Now that is a first! I have never seen a dog on a bookshelf, what a riot :)