Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Goofy and still sick

Well Nuri is still sick! She was fine from Friday up until this evening. I figured that we would try the mall again tonight and see how she did. hanging out in the back seat on the trip home. she's making sure I'm driving correctly!

She was wonderful at the mall (except for that incident where she decided to poop in the middle of the mall) and was very calm and didn't forge ahead like she used to. Being in the kennels has really helped her to calm down and not be as crazy as she used to be. But after we got home I was giving her dinner and she decided to throw up instead. Awesome. So I'm still thinking that it might be stress related which is just not good. I'm keeping track of everything and I will be talking with my vet again tomorrow if I happen to run into her or her vet tech at work tomorrow. Hopefully we can have some answers as to how to deal with her.

But these last few days have been really nice around here and Nuri has loved being outside. She was having fun hanging out on the deck which I showed in the last post, and yesterday while I was at work, my mom had her out on the deck. She was doing some planting and looked around for Nuri and couldn't find her.
Yeah she was hanging out on a couch that we are going to throw away. It currently is up on the deck and has to be dismantled and taken to the curb for the garbage men. So Nuri thought it looked like a really comfy bed and decided to use it! My mom had a good laugh about that one!

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