Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Nuri's half-siblings

YAY for OMSI III litters! There were two litters born within the last two months of full Golden pups with Nuri's dad as the sire. The first was Ona's 'B' Litter born on 2-20-09. There are 7 females and 2 males. I have pictures of the little cuties too! They are in birth order:
Soooo adorable! And the other litter is the OMSI III x Halor 'L' litter that was born yesterday, March 31st.
There are 6 females and 3 males. They are so adorable! YAY for Golden puppies!

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  1. very cute :) we are going to be raising Brianna II from Ona's litter, picking her up later this month. love the pictures!