Sunday, April 26, 2009

A Gorgeous Day!

Today was absolutely gorgeous! The weather reached into the low 90's and we were having a blast outside. Nuri is getting over being sick which is great. She has been feeling better so we decided to make a short trip out to Wal-Mart to get some plants to plant around the deck. She was so good! Walked very calmly next to me on her lead which she's just getting better at. We also worked some more on Up and Jump and she is very good at distinguishing between the two which is awesome. I had her jump up on the slats that hold the plants and she was very interested in them. The slats have open holes that are a bit smaller than her paws so she wasn't going to fall through. It was a good idea to get her used to the other surface and she did great! We also ran into a young girl who had a CCI SC awhile ago. Ordway just passed away within the last year at the age of 15. She doesn't know if she wants another dog though. They remember "boot camp" and don't know whether they can do that again. I don't blame them! It's a LOT of work and you really have to be mentally prepared for it.

So after getting home Nuri and I spent a good deal of time outside on the deck. She loves being outside! Although she tends to get into everything. She likes sticks and seems to have an obsession for potting soil. She is one strange dog. But she had a lot of fun hanging out in the sun.
With my 5th pup, Shane III, we got these raised "hammocks" so that the pups wouldn't be lying down on the hot deck. Shane loved his (it was a bigger one than this one) and took it with him to his new home. This was Nuri's first time on it and seemed to like it. We'll see how it goes this summer! She might be on it more often than not.
But since she was a bad girl and wouldn't stop eating the potting soil and everything else on the deck, she had to go inside. She wasn't too thrilled and I knew that she wanted to come back out and be in the sun.Too funny!!!!

I hope everyone enjoyed the beautiful day today!


  1. My pups always start out outside...then have to go back inside because they are eating something. Looks like REALLY nice weather!

  2. Cute photos!

    Just FYI if you ever run into Ordway's graduate again. I attended Team Training with some graduates who attended "boot camp" back in the day. And they told me that "boot camp" was a lot different in tone (as the name suggests) and some of the folks didn't graduate. They said that Team Training is just as much work, but the trainers really worked with all of us to make sure we graduated and were successful as a team.

    Thida and SSD Tovi

  3. Yeah I told her the same thing. I knew in talking to people that it wasn't nearly as rigorous as before. That it was also not a "boot camp", but a bit easier to deal with. She just doesn't know if she can make it for another TT which is where they are at right now. Maybe in a little while though.