Friday, April 17, 2009

Nuri's home!! and Zack II

I am sooooo glad to have Nuri back! It was so weird to not have a puppy around to train and play with. I went up to NER yesterday to pick her up. I left around 6:45 am and arrived at CCI around 9 am. I was able to catch up with some people and watch a few dogs training. It was so nice to see everyone again! Katrina (our PPM) went and got Nuri for me since I am not allowed back into the kennels since Wilara is back there for AT. But Nuri was so glad to see me! It was great to see her again and she has gotten so much bigger! Well maybe not, but to me she looked like she was bigger. And I noticed that she has this weird wave going down the middle of her back. I have to get a picture of it, it's hilarious. I don't know if that's just how her fur dried, or if that's a new thing for her.

I was also picking up a puppy for another Puppy Raiser in my area. So I was picking up Zack II, a male yellow lab/golden. He's adorable!Well he was eating away at my jeans. Silly puppy!I love how puppies love to go under the bed and peek out from under the dust ruffle thingy. That's Nuri in the picture as well. Zack had a fun time pulling on Nuri's tail too. It was so funny!

I'll post about the Abilities Expo "Day One" later on tonight. Til then....happy reading!

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